It's time to live your dreams

Build a freedom based business that is fun, turned on AF and highly profitable


From indecision to INSPIRED ACTION

From frustration to SUCCESS

From hustling to total FREEDOM

Discover the missing piece and build your dream business


You know you’re meant for MORE.

Meant to live your dreams, have the freedom you so desire, to enjoy life and have a business that provides the life you want.

But you know you are not into the whole hustle thing. Working 12h days is not an option for you. You don’t want to and you know you deserve to have that freedom!

Here’s a secret no one else will tell you, hustle is not necessary for success.

You can get amazing results working less than you are currently (or you think should work) you just need to know what to do.

You are so ready to get off the money struggle bus and have a reliable income month after month doing what you love with a freedom based business.


Let's change that!

Now is the time to build the freedom filled life you desire, working with your dream clients and having all the time you want to enjoy your hobbies and spend time with your loved ones.


It is time for all those dreams to move out of your head and become your reality.

Yes, all those vision boards and ideas you keep thinking about, but if we are really honest you haven’t been taking the right action. Instead you have been following one strategy after the next without really focusing on the RIGHT strategy for YOU.

No more downloading freebies and small courses with the next thing you can do to build your dream business!

Let me show you exactly how to manifest all your desires with your freedom based business, that gives you everything you ever wanted. No cookie cutter methods, just your own guidance, because at the end of the day, you have everything you need to have the success you want.

You probably don’t feel that way and it isn’t your fault, it’s how you have been conditioned but it is now time to take back your power and build it the way you want it.

When you jump into this program, you’re deciding to start doing things differently.

If you’re ready to let go of the hustle and have more freedom than ever before with your business, it starts here.

Welcome to the Freedom Revolution!

I know you may not know what to do.. but I do!

My program will help you reconnect and manifest your desires and give you the steps you need to build a highly profitable business so that you can you can have all the freedom you desire.

Kim S.

"Freedom Business Academy is hands down the most valuable course I have ever
purchased, and probably ever will! It is full to the brim with absolutely transformative lessons. Alex is exploding with knowledge, I cannot get enough of her! Everything she says is gold dust".

We live in a society that tells us the path we have to take for success: working hard throughout school, education, job, promotions, to finally retire and do what we want.

We are led to disconnect from our intuition, passion and soul’s purpose to fit a mold that doesn’t really work for us.

That is why trying to follow the same old rules in our businesses leads to resentment, exhaustion, lack of results and more often than not, giving up on our dreams.

Let’s break all the rules and let your soul guide you, let your intuition make it easy for you.

Let’s turn your business into a spiritual practice that lets you take the actions that are aligned with your purpose, that gives you the freedom you want and that helps you manifest all your dreams.


When we combine Soul and strategy it’s when magic happens.


This is exactly what happens inside FBA.

No more working 12h days trying to get clients, feeling frustrated about what to do next and jumping from one strategy to the next, this work is a total liberation of all rules so we can create the ones that work for us, and finally step into our gifts, our soul's purpose and make the impact and income we desire.


This is the beginning of a new you.


A powerful, confident, successful you that knows what she wants and gets it.


Let’s get you so connected to your intuition so you never doubt yourself again

Let’s get you taking lightning fast and aligned action towards your dreams

Let’s make you the successful entrepreneur you have always dreamed of being.

The one who has all the freedom she desires.

The one who no longer overthinks her decisions and worries what other people think.

The one who no longer feels frustrated from the lack of results.

Totally in her power.

Unapologetic. With the lifestyle, income and impact to back it up.


Is that little voice whispering words of self-doubt in your ear?

Maybe it's telling you that this is yet another program, and haven't you tried enough of those?

That this won't work for YOU.

That it won't be enough to get you where you want to go.

I know that little voice. Trust me, I do.

That little's trying to keep you safe, but it's also the same voice that's keeping you small.

And we're done with small.

I've had enough results (and my clients results) to know that you can hug goodbye to your little voice, you are in good hands.

And if you listen to your heart, what does it say?

Freedom Business Academy is a soul-shaking, full-body YASS!


For real.

I know there are a lot of promises here...but, look. This works.

Why? Because inside FBA, you’ll get everything you need to build a business that is soul led, from the intuition work, mindset work and all the strategy without the hustle and struggle.

You get high-touch, hands on coaching so all your questions are always answered…

But the magic keeps going.

This isn’t your typical course where after a few weeks you never hear anything from anyone ever again.

This is totally different.

Here we are building a community, a long term business, so you get monthly calls for the lifetime of the program.

Any questions you have, BOOM! Here’s your answer.

New trainings and upgrades to the course? BOOM! Totally included!

You also get unlimited access to the Facebook group where you can connect with others and celebrate your achievements with like-minded people.


Are you ready to have the freedom filled business and life your soul desires?

Reconnect with your intuition and make decisions from it

Step into your power and attract dream clients left right and centre

Unconditionally believe you are worthy and deserving of ALL your desires

Ditch shiny object syndrome and always be guided in your business

Create the business strategy that is soul aligned and gives you all the freedom you want

Have the impact and income you desire with your business

Manifest your success without the years of struggle and hustle

ONLY $597 or 3 payments of $232. Prices go up soon so act fast!


What you get inside Freedom Business Academy

Module 1

Reconnect with your intuition so you are always guided in your business.

No more self doubt.


Module 2


Get crystal clear and create a magnetic message that attracts your dream clients

Module 3


Write content so captivating that everybody wants some of what you have!

Module 4


Never follow another strategy that doesn't feel aligned. Build your own soul led strategy and get ready to see all the result with all the freedom you desire.

Module 5


Become the sales queen you were born to be! No more icky sales techniques that require a lot of time and a lot of showers (to remove the icky feelings!)

Module 6

Let go of all the limiting beliefs blocking you from getting what you want. You are worthy of success, freedom, money and the life of your dreams.


And there's more!

When you join Freedom Business Academy you also get:

My list building course, List building 101, so you can start building an email list that converts emails into paying clients ($197)

Dream client meditation ($44)

Live Masterclass - My proven system to manifest everything you want ($111)

Stories that sell vault ($77)


From Alex

I’m all in on you.. but are you?

Ready to say yes to the program that has changed so many lives so that you can finally have that too?

6 modules, high touch, high powered coaching from me?

And access to all future upgrades and trainings?

Plus the Facebook community support with monthly group coaching calls?

Only $597 or 3 easy payments of $232/month (only available for a short time. It will go up to $997 afterwards).

Of course you are in. Who wouldn’t be?!

No. Brainer.


What others have said

"To put it simply, Alex has changed my life! Working with her has been the best decision I have ever made. I have a relationship coaching business that I was really struggling to get off the ground. Alex showed me that I was approaching things in all the wrong ways, I was trying so hard to be someone I wasn’t. She taught me how to tune into my intuition and let my inner guidance take me to where I needed to be. This approach alongside her anti-hustle strategies have led me to gaining many soulmate clients, so many in fact I now have a waitlist! I am forever grateful to Alex, she is an amazing person and an amazing coach.

-Georgia B.

"I’m only on module 3 and I have already learned so much and signed 3 brand new clients! I’m over the moon! This course is an absolutely must buy, it is jam packed full of great business strategies but it also appeals to the human in you too! If you’re fed up of the masculine, hustle business coaching tactics, this is absolutely the course for you! 

-Taylor C.

"After a couple weeks working together I was already on the phone with a new client, I was running my business confidently and showing up consistently and in alignment. I'd really recommend Alex and I think you'd be crazy to not work with her.

-Anna F.

Freedom Business Academy

$597 or 3 payments of $232/month

What's included

  • 6 modules - 20 videos to build your freedom based business ($1500 value)
  • Dream Client Meditation ($44 value)
  • Live Manifestation Masterclass ($111 value)
  • Stories that sell vault ($77 value)
  • List Building 101 course ($197 value)
  • Monthly calls for the lifetime of the program ($3000)
  • Access to the Facebook group for the lifetime of the program 
  • 3 one to one calls ($1000 value)
  • 5 weeks voxer support ($500 value)

Freedom Business Academy GOLD

$1500 or 3 payments of $535/month

What's included

  • 6 modules - 20 videos to build your freedom based business ($1500 value)
  • Dream Client Meditation ($44 value)
  • Live Manifestation Masterclass ($111 value)
  • Stories that sell vault ($77 value)
  • List Building 101 course ($197 value)
  • Monthly calls for the lifetime of the program ($3000)
  • Access to the Facebook group for the lifetime of the program 
  • 3 one to one calls ($1000 value)
  • 5 weeks voxer support ($500 value)
Frequently Asked Questions

The details

We are embarking on a transformative coaching journey together and we are building the freedom life you’ve always wanted together.

After enrollment, you will get instant access to all the modules and videos and you will receive the link to join the Facebook group.

Our first call will be on 15th August where you can ask any questions and we will go into open coaching so you are not left wondering what to do.

Each module builds onto the next one and you can go at your own pace. Some like taking their time with the intuition and soul work and others like to take messy action and practise as they go along.

It is totally up to you how you go through the content but I do recommend to start with the soul work.

You will get workbooks and journal prompts along the way so you keep growing and connecting with your desires. The power of writing things down is incredible and it makes the manifestations quicker!

And best of all, for as long as the Freedom Business Academy is running, you’ll have access to our private Facebook community, with monthly group coaching calls with me and get real-time support as well as any upgrades the program gets.

Hey, I'm Alex!

I’m a freedom and business coach helping freedom seekers like you build a highly profitable business that gives them all the freedom they desire without the hustle.

I believe we are here to enjoy life and make all our dreams a reality and the easiest way to do that is by connecting to your soul. That is why I use a combination of soul work and my 10 year experience in business and marketing to help you feel empowered and build a business you love that is fun and gives you all you want.

You no longer need to struggle, let me show you how. Join me in the freedom revolution!