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The Freedom Challenge

What is The Freedom Challenge?

This easy to follow course gives you the step by step to start your business without overwhelm even if you have a full-time job at the moment.

What you can expect:

- Get crystal clear on what you want your business to be and who your dream client is

- Discover the first steps to start attracting clients through social media even if you don't have a lot of free time right now

- Uncover the real you so that you can stand out and show up authentically instead of trying to be like everybody else. No more "she did this so I will too"!

- Step into your power and let go of that little voice that says "you can't do it". Embody the energy of the "you" who already has all the soulmate clients and freedom you desire.

- How to start writing content easily and effortlessly, even on your lunch break, that brings in new clients like magic. Know what to say to attract dream clients and create more impact!

Plus 3 bonuses! 

- Wondering what tech you need to start your business? No more! I keep it simple and give you the real insight on what you need and what you can skip for now.

- Create your personal visibility blueprint so you always know what to do for your business. Goodbye overwhelm hello freedom!

- Become the Queen of Reels so that you can have tons of fun and make sales without the overwhelm that lots of people feel around reels.

Why should you join?

I know you are seeking and dreaming of that freedom you see so many people on instagram have. You are tired of working long hours at a job that doesn't really fulfill you and want to feel free. Free to do what you love, spend time with who you want, wherever you want while following your soul's calling.

I was exactly where you are, wondering "how am I ever going to leave my job?". It seemed an impossible dream and I made a million mistakes along the way, which is why I have created this free course to help you get started without the overwhelm and get results faster so that you can get the freedom you desire sooner rather than later.

In this short course, you will reconnect to your soul and get all the steps to get you started from a place of alignment and not overwhelm.

With this course, you can start your business in just a couple weeks and start moving towards the dream: freedom.