It's time you built a profitable business you love


You are so done struggling to get clients and following everybody's methods that don't work for you.

But you are so ready to have the freedom of time, location and be abundant AF doing what you love and having fun with it!

Ways to work with me

The Zero to Heroine Adventure

1 session to help you get started with building your dream business. We can cover anything from creating your soul aligned brand, strategy or getting clear on who you help to mindset/ energy work. 

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Zero to Heroine - 4 months Signature 1:1 Program

4 months to build your dream business with ease, get paid doing your soul work and create the freedom you want while having fun and letting go of overwhelm.

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The Zero to Heroine Exploration

3 sessions to deep dive into what is blocking you and to reset, so you can have an exciting, fun business you love and the freedom you crave.


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Zero to Heroine Adventure


This is the perfect package if you need help with 1 specific thing in your business such as refining your niche and ideal client, getting clear on your message or creating your aligned strategy.

What's included:

1h call + Voxer support for 48h afterwards


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" Alex helped me get crystal clear on my messaging and what my next steps were. So grateful to have found her!" S.

4 Months Signature 1:1 Coaching Program

This is my super fun signature program! We will deep dive in building your true soul business that lets you have the freedom, fun, excitement and all the money you desire totally effortlessly!

From strategy, attracting clients, manifesting, building your brand and everything in between, you will have all the tools you need to build your dream business effortlessly and most of all having fun!

What's included

- Welcome packet as soon as you sign up to get you started and reviewed by me

- 1x 90 min intro call

- 14x 1h calls

- Full Voxer support for 4 months

£5,000 - Payment plans available

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"You'd be crazy not to work with Alex, she is approachable, fun and knows what she is talking about. She makes things easy and you get results in no time! I loved working with her and now I have a profitable business!" A.

Zero to Heroine Exploration


3 sessions to deep dive into what is blocking you so you can move forward and build the fun business you want. 

It's time you let go of all the rules you've made for yourself and started living your dreams!

What's included

- Mini welcome packet to get you started as soon as you sign up

- 3x 1h calls

- Full Voxer support for 3 weeks


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" Alex, I can't thank you enough and I'm so grateful that we got to work together!" K.

"I was stuck feeling defeated which was affecting my ability to do what I wanted. Working with Alex, I now feel so empowered" H.

Business Coaching & Personal Branding Photography

If you are in need of images for social media that portray your brand the way you want it and also business coaching, I've got you covered!

I have teamed up with Robert Pugh, photographer extraordinaire, to give you exactly that!

Robert Pugh is an award-winning international photographer with over 15 years experience and has worked with some of the top brands in the industry worldwide. Understanding what the client wants is just one of his many talents when it comes to bringing out the best in a person with a relaxed and unobtrusive approach.

You will love working with us!

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